This page consists of all the technology download/White paper/Presentation

techgoeasy downnload

Autoconfig R12 Autoconfig R12An presentation having the detailed working of Autoconfig tool
userful_queries Useful Scripts For APPS DBA.A booklet of useful queries for the APPS DBA. It will surely help in day to day routine work
lock What Is Enqueue And Locks
oracle_tables Oracle Table Guide
oracle_views Oracle Views Guide
oracle_tablespace Oracle Tablespace Guide
backup Backup And Recovery
oracle12c Partitioning with Oracle Database 12c
SQL Plan Management in 12c (Oracle White Paper)
Best Practices For Gathering Optimizer Statistics in 12c
Understanding Optimizer Statistics With Oracle 12c
Parallel Execution Fundamentals With Oracle Database 12c
Upgrading to Oracle Database (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Database 12c Global Data Services (Oracle White Paper)
Plug Into Cloud With Oracle Database 12c (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Multitenant (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Database In-Memory (Oracle White Paper)
Optimizer In Oracle Database 12c
optimizer Oracle’s Approach to Performance Tuning Part-I by Darrick Addison
Oracle’s Approach to Performance Tuning Part-II by Darrick AddisonAdaptive Cursors And SQL Plan Management (Arup Nanda)Oracle Database Parallel Execution Fundamentals (Oracle White Paper)
Understanding Parallel Execution Part-I (Randolf Geist)
Understanding Parallel Execution Part-II (Randolf Geist)
The Oracle Optimizer – Explain The Explain Plan
dataguard Oracle Active Data Guard Far Sync (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Active Data Guard 12c (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Active Data Guard 11g (Oracle White Paper)
oracle12c Oracle Single Client Access Name (SCAN)(12c) (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle 12c RAC (Oracle White paper)
Oracle Clusterware 12c (Oracle White Paper)
Maximize Availability with Oracle 12c (Oracle White Paper)