OATM Tutorial Part 2 Migration Sizing report

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Migration Sizing report

First step of OATM migration is to determine the Migration Sizing requirement through Option 1 of the OATM menu

We need to run the OATM utlity through application manager OS owner. In this case we are assuming that to be applmgr

[applmgr] cd $APPL_TOP/admin
[applmgr] perl $FND_TOP/bin/fndtsmig.pl
Enter OATM configuration file or press enter to continue: <ENTER>
Enter APPL_TOP[/xyz/oracle/xyzappl]: <ENTER>
Enter FND_TOP[/xyz/oracle/xyzappl/fnd/11.5.0]: <ENTER>
Enter the Database Connect String[TEST]: <ENTER>
Enter the password for your ‘SYSTEM’ ORACLE schema: <SYSTEM-Password>
Please create log directory /xyz/oracle/xyzappl/admin/test/log to continue: Create the path
Enter the ORACLE APPS Schema name[APPS]: <ENTER>
Enter the password for APPS: <APPS-Password>
Enter the ORACLE Application Object Library [APPLSYS]: <ENTER>


Please review: press ‘Y’ to accept or ‘N’ to re-enter[Y]: <ENTER>
Oracle Applications Tablespace Migration Utility

Main Menu
1. Migration Sizing Reports
2. Create New Tablespaces
3. Generate Migration Commands
4. Execute Migration Commands
5. Run Migration Status Reports
6. Run Post Migration Steps
7. Run Customization Steps
8. Run Migration in Batch Mode

[Q]uit [N]ext

Please enter your option – 1
Migration Sizing Reports

These reports are provided to help you gauge the space requirements
for the new Tablespaces. Additionally, they will also help you
determine the type of migration approach that best suits your needs

1. Generate a Report with the list of all the Oracle
Application product schemas that can be migrated

2. Calculate total space required by each new tablespace to
migrate all Oracle Application product schemas (relevant
for a complete migration)

3. Calculate total space required by each new tablespace to
migrate each Oracle Application product schema (relevant
for a schema-by-schema migration)
4. Calculate total space required by each Oracle Applications
schema, with details for each object
5. Display Sizing Exception report

[Q]uit [B]ack [N]ext

This menu gives a set of reports to estimate the size of the tablespaces in the new tablespace model.
Sizing estimation is performed by executing a program that calculates the size of each object using DBMS_SPACE.UNUSED_SPACE package and
populates FND_TS_SIZING table. The sizing reports use the data in this table to display the required information

Option 1: It will list all oracle application products schemas that can be migrated
Option 2:Calculate total space for all schemas ,Compare reports with diffrent extent sizes (64k > 512k) for best size ,smaller extent size generates more extents (Redo-Chunk-Allocation performance hits)
,larger extent size requires more space

For Option-2

Please enter your option – 2

Extent Allocation: A(utoallocate) or U(niform Size)[U]: <ENTER>
Enter Uniform Extent Size Tablespaces in KBytes[1024]: <ENTER>
Report created /xyz/oracle/xyzappl/admin/TEST/log/fndtrep0.txt
Report created /xyz/oracle/xyzappl/admin/TEST/log/fndtrep1.txt

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