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Oracle is most widely used Oracle database in the world. It has the capacity to handle large database and high transaction

Here I am presenting the Oracle tutorials on Various Oracle products

  1. Oracle database
  2. Oracle sql/plsql
  3. Oracle application
  4. Weblogic
  5. Performance tuning.

These articles will be  really help in understanding the oracle products and getting started on Oracle system

Autopatch(Driver files) PART -4

Last updated on August 11th, 2015 at 11:12 amAutoPatch Driver files • Copy driver (c driver): Named c.drv, and contains commands to change Oracle Applications files. The commands include directives to copy/update files, libraries, and/or Java, and commands for generating JAR files and relink C executables. In a multi-node system, run it on all application tier APPL_TOPs. It does not make use of FND_INSTALL_PROCESSSES • … Continue reading Autopatch(Driver files) PART -4 »