Product Top decoded part 4

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Product Top decoded part 4


-There are many SQL*Plus scripts used by Oracle Applications for concurrent  processing.
-These scripts are stored as .sql files in this subdirectory.
-These scripts typically produce reports or perform concurrent processing.


-The Applications Forms client applets display text and graphics in the form of .gif files.
-The media directory contains all product specific .gif files.


–To make the translation process easier, the messages that the forms and concurrent programs use are stored in message files, separate from the forms and programs
-The mesg directory holds those message files per product
-Applications forms display messages at the bottom of the screen and in pop-up boxes.
-Applications concurrent programs print messages in their log and output files.
.-Each product’s mesg directory contains one or more message files for the language-specific messages that the product uses:
-US.msb is the binary message file used at runtime.
-If you install a non-English language version of Oracle Applications, then you have an additional message file that contains the translated messages for that language.
-The file name is .msb
– We use adadmin to generate the messages files

There are two methods for storing log and output files:
1) in each product’s log and out directories, which is the default or. The default directory and the default file names can be changed by changing the APPLLOG and APPLOUT environment variables in the Application env file.By default, $APPLLOG is set to ‘log’ and $APPLOUT is set to ‘out’.
2) a common log and output subdirectory.You can consolidate all product log and out files into one directory by defining the APPLCSF environment variable in the application env

The log directory holds
1) concurrent log files from each concurrent request and
2)  the concurrent manager log files.
3) Log File Name of a Concurrent Request will be :- l.req ( small “L” )

The out directory holds
1. The concurrent report output files.
2 The default locations for these two files are _TOP/log and _TOP/out

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