Oracle DBA:RMAN basetables

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RMAN is a powerful tool for taking backup .It maintains all the backup related informations oin Rman basetables in Rman catalog.We are listing all  tables and views are which  are vgenerated in the catalog database. Use the
DESCRIBE command for each table or view to display column information.We have given some explanation for each table so that you can understand what data is residing in it

RMAN Basetables:

—– ——————————————————————-
AL contains archived logs. archived logs are uniquely identified by
dbinc_key, recid and stamp.

BCB contains corrupt block ranges in datafile backups.

BCF contains control file backups (in backup sets).

BDF contains all datafile backups (in backup sets).

BP contains all backup pieces of backup sets.

BRL contains backup redo logs (in backup sets).

BS contains all backup sets for all database incarnations.

CCB contains corrupt block ranges in datafile copies.

CCF contains control file copies.

CDF contains all datafile copies.

CKP records all recovery catalog checkpoints.

DB contains all target databases that have been registered in this
recovery catalog.

DBINC contains all incarnations of the target databases registered in this
recovery catalog.

DF contains all datafiles of all database incarnations.

DFATT datafile attributes that change over time.

OFFR stores datafile offline ranges.

ORL contains all redo logfiles for all database incarnations.

RCVER recovery catalog version.

RLH records all redo log history for all threads.

RR contains redo ranges for all database incarnations.

RT redo threads for all database incarnations.

SCR contains 1 row for each stored script.

SCRL contains 1 row for each line of each stored script.

TS contains all tablespaces of all database incarnations.

TSATT tablespace attributes that change over time.


———————- ————————————————-

RC_ARCHIVED_LOG information about all archivelogs.

RC_BACKUP_CONTROLFILE backup control files in backup sets.

RC_BACKUP_CORRUPTION corrupt blocks in datafile backups and copies.

RC_BACKUP_DATAFILE datafile backups (in backup sets).

RC_BACKUP_PIECE backup pieces.

RC_BACKUP_REDOLOG redo log backups (in backup sets).

RC_BACKUP_SET backup sets.

RC_CHECKPOINT rc_checkpoint is replaced by rc_resync, but is still
used by some tests.

RC_CONTROLFILE_COPY controlfile copies.

RC_COPY_CORRUPTION corrupt block ranges in datafile copies for all
database incarnations.

RC_DATABASE information about databases and their current

RC_DATABASE_INCARNATION information about all incarnations registered in
recovery catalog.

RC_DATAFILE information about all datafiles registered in recovery

RC_DATAFILE_COPY datafile copies (on disk).

RC_LOG_HISTORY information about redo log history.

RC_OFFLINE_RANGE offline ranges for datafiles.

RC_REDO_LOG information about online redo logs.

RC_REDO_THREAD information about redo threads.

RC_RESYNC information about recovery catalog resyncs

RC_STORED_SCRIPT stored scripts.

RC_STORED_SCRIPT_LINE each line of each stored script.

RC_TABLESPACE information about all tablespaces registered in
recovery catalog.


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