Top 10 IT skills 2016

Last updated on August 31st, 2016 at 05:43 pm

Here are the top 10 IT skills 2016 as per survey conducted by reputed agencies

IT Architecture This category is new to the list this year. 42% of respondents with hiring plans will be looking for people with this skill in 2016.


These specialists will need to have a solid understanding of enterprise and cloud architecture and frameworks, as well as industry standards.

Program/application development Programming and application development skills continue to be in high demand. Last year’s list had this ranked at number one.


This year, 40% plan to hire workers with these skills.

Project management With almost half (46%) of respondents expecting to increase their technology spending this year, it’s no wonder project managers are in demand.


More tech spending means more projects, and those projects need skilled managers. Last year’s ranking for this skill was number two.

Big Data 36% of IT execs plan to hire people who are able to manage, package, and analyze ever-growing mountains of data. Big data/analytics was number one on the list of technologies that companies are currently checking out or using in pilot projects.


This skill has moved up from its number ten position last year.

Business Intelligence/Analytics 34% are aiming to hire specialists in business intelligence and/or analytics for 2016. Last year’s ranking was number seven. A PC Magazine article says that in 2016, the field of business intelligence (BI) will grow as a result of a developing trend where businesses are starting to take advantage of self-service analytics data.


Help Desk/Technical Support Last year’s ranking was number three. This year, 30% of respondents will be seeking people with this skill. Recent college graduates with positive communication skills are good candidates for these openings.


As one employer said, “We can educate them on the tech skills, but you can’t teach personality.”

Database Administration 25% of respondents hope to add more database professionals, with database administrator (DBA) skills being in highest demand.
Security/Compliance/Governance 25% of respondents with hiring plans will be seeking people with this skill in 2016. Exactly 50% of respondents plan to increase spending on security-related technologies.


Security projects were number two on the list of important IT projects for the year.


Cloud/Software as a Service (SaaS) During the coming year, many companies will be looking for people who can help them realize the full benefits of cloud computing and software as a service. This skill moved up from number twelve last year.


25% of respondents said they will be seeking people with this skill in the next 12 months.

Web development Web development continues to stay on the list of the top 10 most in demand IT skills. Organizations have grown to depend on the web as a channel for connecting with customers, clients, partners and employees.


24% of the responding IT execs plan to hire specialists in this category and report having difficulty finding enough people with these skills



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