Guest User password in 11i/R12

Last updated on October 18th, 2015 at 06:59 pm

Here in this post,I am decoding all the facts about Guest User password in 11i/R12

–GUest user password is very important for the functioning of Application SSWA.
Self service login used this password to verify the user password.Selfservice will not come up
if this password is incorrect.Direct form login will still work if the password is incorrect

-It is stored in following places in 11i

–It is a application user not a Db user while APPLSYSPUB is a db user

–11i never use this for login …this is used to obtain apps info

–It should be consistent on both the places,otherwise application will not work.

–FNDCPASS also make use of this password for changing the password.
–Following command could be use to check it correctness
select apps.fnd_web_sec.validate_login(‘GUEST’,’ORACLE’) FROM DUAL;

–GUest user password cannot be changed through FNDCPASS.Most appropiate way to change it through user define form.You can get into User define form through forms login

–It should never be enddated

–Following query could be use to obtain the guest user profile
SELECT upper(fnd_profile.value(‘GUEST_USER_PWD’)) FROM dual;

–All the guest user and password manipulation is done through FND_WEB_SEC package stored in apps schema

–ATG RUP 6 introduces new hash password scheme for application password.

Following are some of the queries to

create or replace function test(key in varchar2,value in varchar2)
return varchar2
as language java name ‘,java.lang.String) return java.lang.String’;

Query this to the find apps schema password from the Guest user

UPPER((SELECT upper(fnd_profile.value(‘GUEST_USER_PWD’)) FROM dual))
FROM dual
) AS apps_password
fnd_user a
usertable.user_name LIKE upper(
FROM dual)

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