General Useful Stuffs

Here I will be posting general useful stuff for all ,so them all can benefits from it. It will all be technology articles


  1. 6 cool points about command Prompt in windows
  2. Grep equivalent in Windows to search text
  3. 7 easy and powerful feature of Microsoft excel you may not know about
  4. Awesome Free Remote Desktop Manager

Books and Courses

  1. Helpful Free Courses on Udemy
  2. 5 Must have Unix books to enrich your brain and arsenal
  3. 7 Amazing and Essential Oracle Books To Enrich Your Brain and Library
  4. Top 10 IT skills 2016

Bigdata and Hadoop

  1. Bigdata, Nosql, Hadoop terms explained
  2. Top Hadoop Interview questions
  3. Why you must learn Python

Cloud Basics

  1. What is Cloud Computing
  2. Cloud Computing Basics: iaas paas saas


  1. All about Oracle certification program
  2. Oracle announced its new Cloud based Solaris Version 11