oracle ebs 11i/R12/R12.1/R12.2

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Oracle EBS also called as Oracle application is a suite of business applications made up of a large number of distinct software modules.Examples are  Oracle Supply chain, Oracle financials etc

This page contain all the administration related post for all the oracle ebs version  11i/R12/R12.1/R12.2

oracle ebs

Autopatch and Ad Utilites

AutoPatch Part 1
AutoPatch Part 2
Autopatch part 4
Adutilities Part 1/Adrelink and adident
Adutilities Part 2
Adutilities Part 3
R12/11i Product top decoded
R12 and R11i Product top decoded Part 2
Product TOP decoded Part 3
Product TOP decoded Part 4

More On Patching

Staged APPL_TOP in R12
Distributed AD
Improving and Reducing Patch application timing
How can I determine the effects a patch will have on my system?
Patch history tables in Oracle Apps

11i Related

Jserv 11i
Jserv Architecture
Apache Architecture
Guest user password
Oracle Forms
Oracle Forms architecture
More about Oracle Forms
PLSQL gateway

Concurrent Manager

Oracle concurrent manager
Oracle concurrent Manager Secret I
Oracle Concurrent Manager Secret II
Oracle concurrent Manager troubleshooting
Core files in Oracle concurrentt manager
How to change the priorty for Concurrent Programs
Concurrent Processing – CP Analyzer for E-Business Suite
Top 30 Most Useful Concurrent Manager Queries
Awesome 24 Concurrent Manager Interview questions
Delivery Option while Submitting Concurrent Request In R12.1.3
Request set in Concurrent Manager
Parallel Concurrent Processing

Autoconfig in oracle ebs

Autoconfig part 1
How to customize the template for Autoconfig
What is FND_OAM_CONTEXT_FILES used for? All about it
How to run Autoconfig in parallel
Steps to run Autoconfig in R12

R12/R12.1 Related

Introduction to R12
How to find version in R12
INST_TOP decoded
Forms in R12
OC4J in R12
Oracle Apps R12 Stop and starts scripts
How to enable Forms socket mode in R12

R12.2 Related

key Technology changes in R12.2
R12.2 Online patching cycle summary
ADOP explained
Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture in 12.2
Logical view of the data model in R12.2
R12.2 Edition determination and setup
R12.2 Online Patching Readiness Report
Handling of seed data in R12.2 online patching
oracle edition based redefinition for table data in R12.2 online patching
Admin scripts in R12.2 Ebuisness Suite
Find Weblogic Server Version/Patches in EBS R12.2/ Standalone Weblogic
Step by step upgrade process for R12.2 Upgrade Part -1
Step by step upgrade process to R12.2 Upgrade part -2(Main Upgrade Driver for R12.2.0)
Step by step upgrade process to R12.2 Upgrade part -3
Step by step upgrade process for R12.2 Upgrade Part -4(Applying 12.2.6 Release Update Pack)
Top AWR useful queries for R12.2/R12.1 Upgrade
Enabling TLS in Oracle Apps R12.2
Login flow in R12.2 and basic troubleshooting
Downtime and Hotpatch apply mode in adop R12.2
How to rollback the patch after failed cutover phase in R12.2
what happens in cutover phase of adop in R12.2
40 question you must know about R12.2
How to delete the manage server in R12.2
How to add the manage server in R12.2
How to clone R12.2 environment
How to perform Installation of an EBS 12.2 Vision Instance
R12.2 RapidWiz Installed Components and System Requirements
How to change the Web Port in EBS 12.2
Steps to change Admin Password which is lost or forgetten of an EBS WebLogic Domain R12.2
Service Group changes in R12.2

Oracle application tablespace Model

OATM Lesson -1
OATM Tutorial Part 2 Migration Sizing report
OATM tutorial Part 3 : Create New Tablespaces
OATM Tutorial part 4 Generate Migration commands
OATM Tutorial part 5 Execute Migration Commands
OATM tutorial part 6 Migration Status Reports

General Troubleshooting and related items for oracle ebs

How to add Debug code in Application
How to check if the portpool is free
ADOFDCMP utlitty
How to rebuild WF_JAVA_DEFFERED queue
MWA information for R12/11i
xmlimporter and fndxdfcmp
Attachments in Applications
Gathering statistics in 11i/R12
AOLJ setup test for 11i/R12
Audit trail in Oracle applications
11i Common log files
R12 common log files
Delivery Option while Submitting Concurrent Request In R12.1.3
What is FND_LOBS
Oracle Apps Printer Queries
How to Stop the Force Password Reset on Creation of User Account
Oracle Apps Interview questions
General questtions for JAVA/JRE
What is current view appltop snapshots
OTA explained
How to fing unsuccesful logins in application in last week
How to get trace for an issue in Oracle application
How to generate FRD trace
Multi languague installation in 11i
Java Workflow Mailer