Logical view of the data model in R12.2

Last updated on September 15th, 2016 at 10:36 am

Logical view of the data model in R12.2

1) All the code should access the tables through APPS synonym

2) Editioning view are created over physical tables and APPS synonym are created to editioning view as shown in below figure

WF_ITEMS: Physical table

WF_ITEMS#: Editioning view

APPS.WF_ITEMS : APPS synonym to Editioning views

3)  All the custom code should access the apps synonym only else it risks seeing the old data

4) Existing column are never changes in R12, Data model changes are implemented using new column.

Suppose we change to column from 20 characters to 50 characters. Then new column having 50 character is created

5) Running application does not see the new column added as it referencing the table through editioning views.

Logical view of the data model

The above logical model has been implemented  to achieve Online patching in R12.2 . We should not be writing custom mode which directly accesses the table as then user may be seeing wrong data.

Hope you understand the flow of Logical view of the data model in R12.2. Please do provide the feedback

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