Oracle Performance Tuning

Last updated on December 17th, 2017 at 05:10 pm

Oracle Performance Tuning  is very important part. It is not just the DBA responsibility ,it is also the responsibility of Oracle developers.Performance tuning should starts before Design and should be continuously tested. We need to have good Knowledge of Oracle Software working. Many times problems occurs as we are not aware of the working of the Oracle

In this section,We are presenting the Oracle performance tuning articles which will help u in solving the problems quickly

Tuning Tools

Tuning Tools
Autotrace Utility
Oracle Performance :sql_trace parameter and its impact
How to turn on the trace in database and Format the trace file
How to run sql tuning expert for particular sql -d in the Cursor cache

Performance Terms explained

What is Logical I/O and Physical I/O in Oracle Database
how to find session generating lots of redo
What is IOPS and How to calculate it in oracle
What is DB time and Average Active sessions, Active session in oracle
Performance Lesson :What is a Bind Variable
How to create ADDM task and check its report
ASH decoded
All about AWR ( Automatic Workload Repository)
Oracle DBA: Hanganalyze and system state dump
Oracle waits events Part 1
Oracle waits events Part II
Oracle waits events Part II
How to find which sid is doing full table scan


New Optimizer Feature with 11g
How to use Optmizer hints
How to find optimizer underscore parameter
Optimizer Mode
Oracle DBA: Joins Method in Oracle


Find indexes and assigned columns for a table
How Table Monitoring and STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter are connected from 10g onwards
How to check Stale statistics
How to find table where statistics are locked

General Performance topics

Sql performance tuning
Sql performance tuning quiz
Nested Loop Join in Oracle 11g
Hash join in Oracle with example
Oracle tuning examination part 3
Oracle tuning examination part 2
Oracle tuning examination part 1
How Oracle Index clustering factor is calculated
How to turn on the SQL trace, 10046 event in Oracle database and trcsess, tkprof utility
Incremental Statistics Gathering in 11g
Top Useful scripts for Oracle Database for Monitoring purpose
Oracle Enqueue and locks(Oracle table locks): How it works
All Useful 11g Dynamic Performance Views
How to find the waitevent History of the Oracle session
How to use Virtual Index in Oracle
How to run sql tuning advisor for particular sql -id in the Cursor cache
How to find the change in explain plan in oracle for a sql id