sql tutorial

SQL stands for structured Query Language. It is the standard language for RDBMS management and Data manipulation.All the Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) like Oracle,MySQL, Sybase, Postgres,Teradata and Microsoft SQL Server use SQL as their standard database language. Each of the RDBMS vendors has added to some specific features to it also,so  there could be some difference between the RDBMS system but they are almost similar.

Here are the topics covered into Sql Tutorial


  1. Basic Sql statement
  2. Restricting the data set(Where Clause)
  3. order by and distinct clause
  4. how to write sql queries
  5. Single row functions in sql
  6. Aggregating Data Using Group Functions


  1. What are Oracle Joins (Sql Joins)?
  2. Sql Set Operators: Union,Union All,Intersect and Minus
  3. Sql Subqueries : Single, Multiple, Scalar and Correlated
  4. What is Sequences in oracle
  5. Oracle Create table Syntax,Tip and Examples
  6. Complete Guide on Oracle views (Sql Views)
  7. what is materialized views in oracle?
  8. How to alter table add column oracle
  9. Most Common MySQL queries
  10. How to delete duplicate rows from Oracle table
  11. How to use Oracle SQL*Plus
  12. Things you need to know about Oracle SQL developer
  13. How to work with date in Oracle sql
  14. Oracle sql decode processing
  15. Oracle Case Statement Explained with Tips and Examples
  16. How to use external tables in Oracle with example
  17. Oracle Indexes and types of indexes in oracle with example
  18. Oracle Create User , System Privileges and Oracle Object Privileges


  1. Oracle PLSQL Block Structure and Oracle PLSQL Variable
  2. Everything about Oracle PLSQL records
  3. How to use Oracle PLSQL Tables (Associative array or index-by table)
  4. How to use google translate URL in Oracle plsql
  5. Helpful overview about Oracle cursor
  6. Most commonly asked 25 oracle plsql interview questions