What is DB time and Average Active sessions, Active session in oracle

Last updated on August 11th, 2015 at 10:01 am

In this section we will be defining the terms line Database time, Action session and Average active session
Database Time, or DB Time, is defined by Oracle as the total time by foreground sessions executing database calls. This includes CPU time, IO time, and non-idle wait time.  In other words, it’s the total time spent either actively working or actively waiting in a database call.An Active Session in oracle is defined as an Oracle session currently spending time in a database call, and the average activity of a session is the ratio of active to total wall clock time.

Average Active Sessions

At a macroscopic level, DB Time is the sum of DB time over all sessions.  Average Active Sessions, or AAS, represents the sum of active sessions over all sessions, at any given point in time.
AAS = (DB Time / Elapsed Time)
The Average Active Sessions metric is important because it’s best representation of your database system load.

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