Opmnctl command every administrator should know

Last updated on September 3rd, 2016 at 01:39 am

opmnctl is widely used in iAS administration,We should know all the useful command for its administration.

Here I am talking about some Opmnctl command every administrator should know

  1. opmnctl -help

usage: /u000/oracle/TEST/product/opmn/bin/opmnctl [verbose] [<scope>] <command> [<options>]

verbose: print detailed execution message if available

Permitted <scope>/<command>/<options> combinations are:

scope command options
——- ——— ———
start – Start opmn
startall – Start opmn & all managed processes
stopall – Stop opmn & all managed processes
shutdown – Shutdown opmn & all managed processes
[<scope>] startproc [<attr>=<val> ..] – Start opmn managed processes
[<scope>] restartproc [<attr>=<val> ..] – Restart opmn managed processes
[<scope>] stopproc [<attr>=<val> ..] – Stop opmn managed processes
[<scope>] reload – Trigger opmn to reread opmn.xml
[<scope>] status [<options>] – Get managed process status
[<scope>] dmsdump [<attr>=<val> ..] – Get DMS stats
[<scope>] set [<attr>=<val> ..] – Set opmn log parameters
[<scope>] query [<attr>=<val>] – Query opmn log parameters
ping [<max_retry>] – Ping local opmn
validate [<filename>] – Validate the given opmn xml file
config [<options>] – Modify the default opmn xml file
help – Print brief usage description
usage [<command>] – Print detailed usage description
2) To check the status of all the components

opmnctl status

3) To get the detailed status of all the components

opmnctl status -l

4) To get the detailed information about execution
opmnctl verbose
5) Command to control the opmn server

opmnctl start: It just start the opmn process.It does not start the other processes
opmnctl startall:it starts opmn and all the other proccesses also
opmnctl stopall:it stop opmn and all the other proccesses also
opmnctl shutdown: It is same as stopall but it waits for little time before forceful shutdown
opmnctl reload: if you want OPMN to reread its configuration
6) To check the status across the cluster
opmnctl @cluster status

7) Status output can be customized. Look at this example
opmnctl status -noheaders -fsep ‘ ‘ -fmt %cmp%prt%pid%sta

-fsep is the field separator
-fmt is the output format
8) To stop individual components

opmnctl startproc ias-component=OHS
opmnctl startproc ias-component=HTTP_Server
opmnctl startproc ias-component=oacore
opmnctl startproc process-type=OC4J_SECURITY
9) The opmnctl status -app command displays information for applications (module-ids)

that are managed by OPMN.

$ opmnctl status –app
10) To start ascontrol if it is not running

opmnctl startproc process-type=home application=ascontrol

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