How to change Priority for Concurrent Program

Last updated on August 6th, 2019 at 04:09 am

Many times in Oracle Apps env,user  complain there request get stuck or takes time to start processing. Majority of time Support team can’t do anything, unless waiting or asking Oracle DBA to check the server performance. There is couple of option you can try , if you know a demanding user and there request name( Concurrent Program) he/she always want in priority,then you can change the Priority for Concurrent Program or user or request to get it resolved

1) If you know what particular program user required in priority.

In oracle EBS you need to set the priority of specific users so that when they run specific reports, those reports should be run on high priority. The steps are very simple:

  1. Go to Sysadmin Responsibility and go to menu Profile > System.
  2. Make sure Site and User boxes are checked.
  3. Select the user name for the user for whom you want to increase the priority
  4. Enter the following within the Profile box and click on Find: Concurrent:Request Priority
  5. Change the priority for the user as you see fit (1 is highest, 99 is lowest, 50 is the default) , Save
    and exit.

2) You know the Program name, and want to make execution in priority

The steps are very simple  to set Priority for Concurrent Program

  1. Login system administrator
    /Application developer and go to define concurrent screen
    Under Concurrent >> Program >> Define
  2. Find the Program name whose priority you wish to change for ex. “Check writer”
  3. On this screen you can set priority of this request by entering value in “Priority” field(1 is highest, 99 is lowest, 50 is the default) , Save and exit.

3) If you want to set priority for particular concurrent request

By changing priority of concurrent request you can run the important concurrent request before non-priority concurrent request.
1.Open “System Administrator” responsibility. Go to Concurrent > Requests
2.Select “Specific Requests”. In the field called “Requester” put the User ID for whom you want to change priority.
3.Select “View Details”. Change the Priority from default “50”. Change it to “10” for high priority. [1 for highest and 99 for lowest].

If there are multiple request,you can use sql  and change the priority using the update on FND_CONCURRENT_REQUEST table

 It is advisable to go with the program instead of setting it as User level,This way you can execute the critical program submit by any user processed faster

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