How to run Autoconfig in parallel

Last updated on July 24th, 2018 at 04:05 am

So far we have run Autoconfig in series mode when we are having multiple nodes..Some time we have a requirement for reducing the downtime for Autoconfig.In that case we can run Autoconfig in parallel to reduce the downtime. Running the autoconfig reduce the overall downtime .
In this article,we are presenting How to run Autoconfig in parallel
This feature was introduced in TXK 12.0.4 Consolidated Patch. It enables AutoConfig to be executed simultaneously across multiple nodes of an R12 E-Business Suite instance, thus reducing the maintenance downtime.
AutoConfig can be run in ‘parallel mode’ by issuing the following command.
On Applications tier:
perl /bin/ contextfile= [product=] –parallel
•On Database tier:
perl /appsutil/bin/ contextfile= –parallel

How Does AutoConfig’s Parallel Mode Work?

Executing AutoConfig in ‘parallel mode’ engages a locking mechanism so that processes running on individual nodes are synchronized. This mechanism prevents any conflicting updates to the database or the file system. The following figure illustrates AutoConfig running in parallel across multiple nodes:
Autoconfig in parallel

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