Enterprise Manager 11g FMW Control in R12.2

R12.2 comes with Enterprise Manager 11g FMW Control to manage FMW components

What is Enterprise Manager 11g FMW Control

  • Enterprise Manager 11g FMW Control is  aWeb application used to monitor and administer a farm
  • A farm is a collection of components managed by Fusion Middleware Control.
  • it Contains Oracle WebLogic Server domains, one Administration Server, one or more Managed Servers, clusters, and one or more Oracle instances

How do we access Enterprise Manager 11g FMW Control

You access Fusion Middleware Control using the below URL:
The Port number can be obtained from s_wls_adminport context variable and also listed in the file: DOMAIN_HOME/config/config.xml.

FMW Control in R12.2

Username used is same used for Weblogic Administration control

FMW Control in R12.2

FMW control is mainly used for managing System components.
–Manage Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Web Cache, Start and stop components, Start and stop applications
– Deploy/Monitor SOA Composite applications like SOA, BPEL etc
–Start and Stop managed Servers
–Deploy Java EE applications.
–View and Manage most of the Log files.
–Change Ports for System component

FMW Control in R12.2

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