60 Awesome oracle apps dba interview questions

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Here is the list of oracle apps dba interview questions, I expect Apps DBA to know

oracle apps dba interview questions

Question 1) I am applying a patch using adpatch , can I open another session and run adadmin ?

Answer Yes, We can run unless you are running a process where workers are involved

Question 2) I am applying a patch , can I open another session in another node and run adpatch?

Answer No because it will create tables while running first session when you start the 2nd session it will fail due to the first

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Question 3) How to determine Oracle Apps Version ?


select RELEASE_NAME from fnd_product_groups;

You should see output like


Question 4) How u will find whether a patch is applied/not?

Answer Query ad_bugs.

select substr(APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME,1,10) Product,substr(BUG_NUMBER,1,10) Patch#,
Version,last_update_date applied_date from applsys.ad_bugs where BUG_NUMBER= to_char('&bug_no');

Question 5) What is the difference between ad_bugs and ad_applied_patches?

Answer A patch can deliver solution for more than one bug, so ad_applied_patches may not give u the perfect information as in case of ad_bugs.

Question 6) What is FNDLOAD ?

Answer FNDLOAD is a utility which is similar to SQL loader but loads code objects into database, where as SQL LOADER loads data objects into database.It has the control file .lct and loader files are .ldt

FNDLOAD APPS/apps 0 Y UPLOAD @INV:patch/115/import/invctcg.lct @INV:patch/115/import/US/invcat.ldt

Question 7) What is autoconfig?

Answer Autoconfig is an ad-utility which is used to maintain application environment and configuration files.


Question 8) What are the parameter autoconfig will ask for?

Answer Context file name and apps password are asked in autoconfig run


Question 9) What is context file?

Answer Context file is a central repository, which stores all application configuration information. The name is like _ .xml

Question 10) How autoconfig will create environment and configuration files?

Answer Autoconfig will go to each and every top template directory take the templates from there and fill the values from xml file and create the required files.Templates are stored in product top/admin/template

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Question 11) In how many phases autoconfig will run?

Answer Autoconfig will run in 3 phases.

1.INIT – Instantiate the drivers and templates

2.SETUP – Fill the template with values from xml and create files

3.PROFILE – Update the profile values in database.


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Question 12) What is the location of ad-config log file?

Answer $APPL_TOP/admin//log/

Question 13) Is it possible to restore a autoconfig run?

Answer Adconfig will create a restore.sh script at $APPL_TOP/admin//out/. This restore.sh will copy the backed up files before autoconfig run to its original locations. But the profile values updated in the database can’t be restored back.

Question 14) How to clear cache in R12?


cd $COMMON_TOP/_pages
find . -name "*" -exec rm -rf {} \;cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin
./ojspCompile.pl --compile --flush -p 5
logfile set: /u01/oracle/TEST/inst/apps/TEST_myserver/logs/appl/rgf/ojsp/ojspc_error.log
starting...(compiling all)
using 10i internal ojsp ver: 10
synchronizing dependency file:
enumerating jsps...8000
parsing jsp...8000
writing deplist...8000
initializing compilation:
eliminating children...5912 (-2088)
translating and compiling:
translating jsps...5912/5912 in 1m40s
compiling jsps...5912/5912 in 4m19s

Question 15) When a patch delivers java files what extra file you will get when you unzip the patch, other then u  driver and readme files?

Answer <patch no>.zip

Question 16) What is apps.zip/appsbrog2.zip file?

Answer apps.zip/appsbrog2.zip is the patchable archive of all java class files required for oracle application.Apps.zip was used to old application version, but from 11.5.8 onwards its appsbrog2.zip

Question 17) What is the location of apps.zip/appsbrog2.zip?

Answer AU_TOP/java and JAVA_TOP

Question 18) How to find Multi-Org is enabled or not?

Answer In adadmin if covert to Multi org option is there, then Multi-org is not enabled. If maintain multi-org options is there, then Multi-org is enabled.

Question 19) What is Multi-Org?

Answer If this is enabled we can store multiple organization information in a single oracle application instance.

Question 20) What is adodfcmp utility?

Answer This utility is used to recreate/repair corrupted database objects from odf (object definition files) files.


Question 21) How you will change apps password?

Answer FNDCPASS 0 y apps/ system/ SYSTEM APPLSYS


Question 22) What if apps password is changed with alter command?

Answer Applications won’t work.

Question 23) What is the difference between alter and FNDCPASS in changing apps password?

Answer FNDCPASS will update some fnd tables like FND_ORACLE_USERID, FND_USERS other than standard tables.

Question 24) How to find the version of httpd/Apache web server?


$IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/bin/httpd –version

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Question 25) Where you will see when you have some problem with u r web server(httpd/Apache)?

Answer access_log & error_log @INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/Apache/Apache/logs
Question 26) What is self service application?

Answer Whatever part of u r oracle application u r able to see through web browser is self service.
Question 27) What are the different modes u can start u r form server?

Answer socket and servlet

Question 28) What is the significance of DISPLAY variable?

Answer Vnc server should be up and running at the specified port value in DISPLAY variable, otherwise report server may not able to show the graphics in Reports.

Question 29) Where is the concurrent manager log file located?

Answer $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG ,If APPLCSF is null, the log out are formed in individual Product top

Question 30) Is apps password necessary to start all the components of oracle application?

Answer No. Only to start/stop concurrent managers apps password is needed.

Question 31) What is a concurrent manager?

Answer A concurrent manager is one which runs concurrent requests.


Question 32) What are the different types of concurrent managers?

Answer 1. Internal concurrent manager – Will start all other managers and monitor

  1. Standard Manager – All concurrent request by default will to go this
  2. Conflict resolution manager – Concurrent programs with incompatibility will be handled by this
  3. Transaction manager – Handle all transaction requests

Question 33) What are actual and target count in ‘Administer Concurrent Managers form’?

Answer Target is the no. of concurrent processes a manager is supposed to start(specified in the definition of concurrent manager).Actual is the no. of processes a manager started actually.

Target and Actual should be always same.

Question 34) What if Target and Actual are not same?

Answer It means at operating system level resources are low to accommodate the required processes for concurrent managers.


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Question 35) What are work shifts?

Answer Work shifts are nothing but timings at which the concurrent manager is supposed to run.

Question 36) What if internal concurrent manager target and actual are not same?

Answer we need to bounce the concurrent manager using adcmctl.sh

Question 37) How to bounce a single concurrent manager?

Answer From front end using ‘Administer Concurrent Manager form’.

Question 38) What is dbc file and its location?

Answer dbc file contain database connection information. DBC file is used by oracle applications to connect to database. Its location is $FND_SECURE

Question 39) What is RRA?

Answer RRA stands for Report Review Agent. RRA is nothing but FNDFS which is part of apps listener. RRA job is to pick the log/out file from the file system and show on the editor when u press view log/out button in ‘View concurrent request form’.

Question 40) What is apps listener?

Answer Apps listener is the combination of FNDFS and FNDSM. FNDSM is service manager which will monitor application services on that node when GSM:enable profile value is ‘Y’.

Question 41) What is GSM?

Answer GSM stands for Generic service Manager, which will monitor application processes like web, forms etc and restarts any of this processes if goes down.

Question 42) How to find out what are the languages enabled in u r applications?

Answer Query fnd_languages
Question 43) What are the problems u have faced while shutting down applications?

Answer While shutting down application generally concurrent manager won’t go down because some or the other request may be running. We will see what are the concurrent requests running by querying fnd_concurrent_requests, fnd_concurrent_program_vl, v$session,v$process and v$sqltext. If that request is only doing some select statement then we will kill those requests, otherwise we will check what time it will take to complete by querying the previous runs of that request and then we will decide what to do.
Question 44) What is rapid clone?

Answer Rapid Clone is the new cloning utility introduced in Release 11.5.8. Rapid Clone leverages the new installation and configuration technology utilized by Rapid Install

Question 45) Explain the cloning process?

Answer Run adpreclone as applmgr and oracle user on source Perl adpreclone.pl dbTier as oracle user Perl adpreclone.pl appsTier as applmgr user

  1. Take the cold/hotbackup of source database
  2. Copy the five directories appl,comn,ora , db,data to target
  3. Rename the directories, and change the permission
  4. Set the inventory in oraInst.loc
  5. Run perl adcfgclone.pl dbTier as oracle user,if the backup type is cold
  6. If the backup type is hotbackup then Perl adcfgclone.pl dbTechStack. Create the control file on target from the control script trace file from source Recover the database .Alter database open resetlogs
  7. Run autoconfig with the ports changed as per requirement in xml.
  8. Run perl adcfgclone.pl appsTier as applmgr
  9. Run autoconfig with the ports changed as per requirement in xml.

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Question 46. What is licence manager?

Answer Licence manager(adlicmgr) utility is used to licence/unlicence , enable new languages,enable country specific functionality.

Question 47. What is tnsping?

Answer tnsping is command used to check the connectivity to the database server node from other nodes.
Note: Tns entry should be there in tnsnames.ora for the database we are trying to work this command.

Question 48: How to compile a form using frmcmp or frmcmp_batch?


frmcmp_batch module=/u000/TEST/testappl/au/11.5.0/forms/US/FNDCNP.fmb userid=APPS/APPS output_file=/u000//TEST/testappl/fnd/11.5.0/forms/US/FNDCNP.fmx module_type=form batch=yes compile_all=special

Question 49) What is APPLPTMP environment variable?

Answer This is the temporary file location for the pl/sql temp files. If this variable was not set then the concurrent programs may error-ed out.

Question 50 What is mean by enabling maintenance mode?

Answer Maintenance mode is the adadmin option introduced from AD.I. When maintenance mode is enabled user may able to login to application but they only get profile option in the front end navigation menu.

Question 51) Is that necessary to enable maintenance mode while applying a patch?

Answer We can even apply a patch without enabling maintenance mode with the following option

Adpatch options=hotpatch

Question 52) What is the significance of utl_file_dir parameter in init.ora file?

Answer The value of this parameter is the group of directories to which your database can write, means your database packages have permission to write to flat files in these directories.

Question 53 How you will find workflow version?

Answer Run wfver.sql@FND_TOP/sql script as apps user

Question 54) How to validate that any application user password is correct or not from back-end?


select fnd_web_sec.validate_login(‘<username>’,’<password>') from dual;

Question 55) How to compile jsp’s?

Answer Force compilation of all jsps using the following command ojspCompile.pl –compile –flush

Question 56) What are the files which contain apps password in R12?

There is no files

Question 56) What is the script to find out ICM status?

Answer afimchk.sql@FND_TOP/sql

Question 57) What is the script to list the concurrent request status?

Answer afrqrun.sql@FND_TOP/sql
Question 58) What is the script that Lists managers that currently are running a request?

Answer afcmrrq.sql@FND_TOP/sql

Question 59) How can I determine whether a template is customizable or non-customizable in Autoconfig?

Answer If a keyword “LOCK” is present at the end of the file entry in the respective driver, then it is a non-customizable template. If the “LOCK” keyword is not seen, then that template can be customized.
Question 60) How to check whether the product is install,shared and Not installed in Apps.?

Answer By using below Query we can find.

SQL>select t.application_name, t.application_id, i.patch_level, decode(i.status,’I’,’Fully Installed’,‘N’,’Not Installed’,’S’,’Shared’,’Undetermined’)  i, fnd_application_vl twhere i.application_id = t.application_idorder by t.application_id;

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