How to setup OTA in R12 and 11i

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OTA(Oracle Transport Agent) is an important feature.we will be discussing here how to enable OTA in R12  and 11i.

In EBS Release 11i instances where OTA was utilized, OTA ran under Jserv having its properties set in the files found in the directory:
11.5.9 –
11.5.10/ –
For R12 (versions 12.0.X or 12.1.X) , OTA is run in the oafm container under OC4J. The system properties are read from the file of the oafm container located in the file$INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/j2ee/oafm/config/
There is also an autoconfig property, , as reflected in the orion-web.xml file:

In the orion-web.xml file the following section will be found:



To verify that OTA is started, the value of the attribute in orion-web.xml should be set to 1 for enabled. By default, this is set to -1, or disabled.
The AutoConfig oavar name for is s_load_oxta_servlet.
Enabling OTA in  R12
Rather than manually modifying the orion-web.xml file, do the following to set the Autoconfig oavar variable:

1) Logon as the System Administrator Responsibility.
2) Under Oracle Applications Manager, select Autoconfig.
3) Click the icon for Edit Parameters on the Applications tier.
4) Click on the System tab.
5) Look under oa_web_server for Load OXTA Servlet (s_load_oxta_servlet).
6) If this is currently set to -1 (default disabled configuration), you need to set the value to 1 (enable).
7) Look in this same section for the following and set as needed (if you have a proxy server that http/https communications need to go through):
OXTAOutUseProxy (s_oxta_proxy)
OXTAOutProxyHost (s_oxta_proxyhost)
OXTAOutProxyPort (s_oxta_proxyport)

Once you make changes, you will need to run Autoconfig to apply them and then bounce the applications tier to start up the OXTA.
Additional Parameters that are Set Through AutoConfig for XML Gateway OTA:

applSysSchema : APPLSYS (this indicates queues are in applsys schema)
OXTAOutThreads=1 (These 2 set the number of DB connections in your system for inbound and outbound requests)
OXTAOutProxyPort (These control whether a proxy is used for outgoing socket connections).

Parameters not Set Through AutoConfig:

OXTAOutBaseTimeout =10
OXTAOutLinearTimeout = 500
OXTAOutMaxAttempts= 5 (these control the time allowed for transactions to complete).
OXTAInMaxContent=1000000 (maximum payload size in bytes).

Common Problem with OTA in R12

OXTA does not start
After enable logging for OAFM by following Note 419839.1 – How to enable Apache, OC4J and OPMN logging in Oracle Applications R12, the following is observed in :

Exception creating connection pool. Exception: oracle.oc4j.sql.DataSourceException: Exception setting the property ‘dbcFile’ on the DataSource. Exception: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

Exception initializing deployed application: oafm. Application: oafm is in failed state as initialization failed

Internal error raised tyring to instantiate web-application: webservices defined in web site OC4J 10g (10.1.3) Default Web Site. Application: webservices has been stopped

a. Change the ASADMIN password from User Management as follows (note: in this example password is set to welcome)
– Log onto Oracle E-Business Suite using sysadmin/.
– Select the User Management responsibility in the Navigator.
– Click the Users link from the navigation menu to open the User Maintenance window.
– Locate ‘ASADMIN’ user by entering information in the search area to retrieve the ‘ASADMIN’ user.
– Click the Update icon next to the ASADMIN user to open the Update User window.
– Remove the Active To date field and click Apply in case is not already removed
– Click the Reset Password icon next to the ASADMIN user to open the Reset Password window.
– Enter new password twice and click Submit

b. Confirm the definition for ASADMIN user in $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/j2ee/oafm/application-deployments/oafm/data-sources.xml is defined correctly:
Note: The password above must be set with exact value as above because ->ASADMIN is an indirection, it indicates AS that the password of ASADMIN must be taken from system-jazn-data.xml
c. Change password for ASADMIN user in $ORA_CONFIG_HOME/10.1.3/j2ee/oafm/config/system-jazn-data.xml to be ! (! in front is mandatory)
Mention: ! in front of password is mandatory and this sign means that password will be encrypted
e. Shutdown and restart the OAFM container and re-test:



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