Delivery Option while Submitting Concurrent Request In R12.1.3

With R12.1.3, we can configure delivery option while submitting concurrent request.Delivery options could be the mail of the user which submitted the request. So user will get notified on completion of requestFollowing need to be set to enable delivery option


  1. Set the profile options
    “FND:SMTP Host” and “FND:SMTP Port”
    by providing the right values
    a. Log into System Administrator responsibility.
    b. Navigate to Profile – System.
    c. Query up the %SMTP% profiles.
    d. Set the following profile values to the defined host and port:FND:SMTP Host
    FND:SMTP Port

    FND:SMTP Host =
    FND:SMTP Port = 25

Mechanism used to send the Delivery Option

The concurrent request on completion connect with OPP(Output Post Processor) for sending the mail to the user.So we must increase the processes in OPP if your organisation is  going to use the delivery option widely


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