Introduction to R12

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Introduction to R12

R12.0 , R12.1  and R12.2 are new version of Oracle apps After 11i.  They have quite of few new things than 11i.

Here are changes associated with R12.0 and R12.1

Technology Change
New Versions of Mid Tier Technology
• Application Server: 1.0 -> 10.1
• Servlet Container: JServ -> OC4J
• Apache: 1.3.19 -> 1.3.34
• Forms & Reports: 6 -> 10
• R12 File System Change:
• The two 11i middle tier Oracle homes are replaced with
newer versions
• Instance Home vs. Source Home

Components Version
Java Home: 8.1.7-based iAS 1.0.2
C Home: 8.0.6-based Developer 6
Database Home: 10.2
Forms : Developer 6

Java Home: 10.1.3-based iAS 1.0.2
C Home: 10.1.2-based Developer 10
Database Home: 10.2
Forms : Forms 10g (10.1.2)
New Instance Top

Introduction to R12

More information

Jserv has been replaced by OC4J
-Forms uses servlet mode instead of socket mode in 11i
mod-plsql is not used in R12

-R12 creates 3 OC4J instances:
Oacore: runs OA Framework-based applications

Forms: runs Forms-base applications
OAFM: runs web services, mapviewer, ascontrol

-Forms.EAR 10.1.2 is deployed to the OC4J container in Application Server 10.1.3

-Through OC4J you can execute Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
-OC4J Communicate with HTTP Server though ajp13 protocol. (mod_oc4j, apache module)1

R12.2 changes

R12.2 changes can be found at below links

Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture in 12.2

Key Technology changes in E-Business Suite 12.2

Please take a look at following post for more information on EBS R12

How to find R12 components version
INST_TOP (Oracle R12 INSTANCE_HOME ) decoded

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