Admin scripts in R12.2 Ebuisness Suite

Last updated on August 9th, 2018 at 05:49 am

In this section,we will telling about various Admin scripts in R12.2 Ebuisness Suite,the latest  release of Oracle Apps by Oracle corporation

We already know the consolidated scripts to stop and start applications in R12
“” is used for starting all application services
“” is used for stopping of other services.

Prior to EBS R12.2 you only need apps username and password to run this script. In EBS R12.2 you need a additional password parameter for weblogic admin server to start/stop of EBS application services.

./ apps/apps
Enter the WebLogic Server password:
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start -nopromptmsg
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start -nopromptmsg
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start forms_server1 -nopromptmsg
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start forms-c4ws_server1 -nopromptmsg
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start oafm_server1 -nopromptmsg
/xyz/ebsapp/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/admin/scripts/ start oacore_server1 -nopromptmsg

Important points
Opmn only manages the Apache server in R12.2
WLS (Web logic server) manages the oacore,forms and oafm services

Log files for Admin scripts in R12.2

Log File Name  Description


adopmnctl.txt FMW Oracle Process Manager Notification Server (Controls Apache processes)
adapcctl.txt FMW OHS (Apache) Service
adnodemgrctl.txt WLS Node Manager controls server instances within a domain providing automatic restart functionality.


adadminsrvctl.txt WLS AdminServer controls access to pages within WLS for system wide configuration
adoacorectl.txt WLS Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Application Server for Self Service web based products


adformsctl.txt WLS Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Application Forms Server
adoafmctl.txt WLS Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Application Server for Oracle Transport Agent XML transactions, Secure Enterprise Search (SES) and  Web Service


adforms-c4wsctl.txt WLS Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Application Server utilized by WebService products using java API for Forms


How to schedule to start/stop of All the services through crontab

It is often required to bounce the entire EBS system during off-hours or on weekend automatically without any manual intervention. We should be able to execute this using the cron utlity on Unix system Cron is a Unix scheduler for executing the scripts at specified time. We can create below scripts for bouncing the APPS tier on R12.2 and schedule it through cron

Here are the steps

  1. create a file  apps_user like

cat apps_user


APPS_PWD=<apps pass>


chmod 700 apps_user

This will ensure only the user running the services can read this

2) Create the scripts for start and stop like this

. apps_user

echo ” Starting the services”

{ echo $APPS_USER; echo $APPS_PWD; echo $WLADMIN_PWD; } | $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/ -nopromptmsg

echo “Services started”

. apps_user

echo ” Stopping the services”

{ echo $APPS_USER; echo $APPS_PWD; echo $WLADMIN_PWD; } | $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/ -nopromptmsg

echo “Services stopped”

Now we schedule these scripts through cron in Linux system to get the work done.

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