Oracle Weblogic server

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We are explaining Oracle Weblogic server basics in this tutorial

What is Oracle Weblogic server?

Oracle Weblogic server is a Java EE application server currently developed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle acquired WebLogic Server when it purchased BEA Systems in is the foundation of the Oracle Fusion Middleware range of products, such as Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle WebCenter, and Oracle Service Bus. The new 12c version is being fully integrated with Oracle’s Middleware products
What is weblogic domain?

A domain is a logical related group of weblogic manages instances which can be configured using the single set of configurations files.
It has one administration server and one or many managed server. It can also of cluster of servers
What is weblogic Administration server?
Administration server is a weblogic instance which is a central configuration controller of the domain.Administrator console is deployed over it. There is only one administration server in a domain . A administration server can manager one domain only
It uses are
1) Stop and start of managed server
2) migration of server with in domain
3) Enables you to deploy application with in the application

As such it is possible to deployment applications in administration server but it is not recommended

What is weblogic managed server?
Managed server are weblogic instance apart from administrator instance which will be used for deploying applications. It is real work horses in the weblogic domain.
Managed server are independent of other manager server unless we have clustered them together. We can have as many server in the domain as we want
Administration server holds the master configuration files of the domain including the configuration details of all the managed server also. Managed server hold the local copy of its configuration.When managed server is started ,it configurtion is synced with master files.Similary when we do any changes in master files,administration server sends the changes to the managed server

What is cluster of Weblogic managed server?

cluster of Weblogic managed server is a logical grouping of two or more servers to provide redundancy,scalability through parallelism and reliability.It appears as single instance to the client
What is node manager?

A node manager is a utility which is used to stop,start ,suspend any administration or managed weblogic instances on a physical server machine remotely
A node manager is not tied to any domain ,it can operate on any weblogic instance on the physical server

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