adopscanlog log analyzer utility in R12.2

Last updated on August 24th, 2016 at 06:14 pm

About adopscanlog utility in R12.2

The adop log files are located on the non-editioned file system (fs_ne), under:


For example, if s_ne_base was /u00/app/TECHGO/fs_ne, the session ID was 10, and the <CONTEXT_NAME> was techgo_server, the path to the adop log files from 1th May 2016 would resemble this:


Each cycle of adop creates a subdirectory corresponding to the patch session ID, e.g.


When running adop the on-screen terminal output will mention which adop session ID is in use.
e.g. /u00/app/TECHGO/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/9/apply_xyz

AD and TXK C Delta 4 patches has introduced a new Online Patching Log Analyzer Utility adopscanlog

This utility makes the work easiar and analyzes adop log directories for errors and warnings, and displays messages to help the user quickly identify any problems that may have occurred during an adop run. It thereby offers an alternative to reviewing log files manually.
The Log Analyzer utility can be run without options, to scan all log directories of the latest adop session for errors:
$ adopscanlog

The utility can also be run with various options, as shown in the following list.

To scan log directories relating to the latest run of adop in the latest session:
$ adopscanlog -latest=yes
To scan log directories relating to the latest run of the specified phase, in the latest session:
$ adopscanlog -latest=yes -phase=<phase_name>
To scan all log directories of a given session (represented by a session_id) for errors:
$ adopscanlog -session_id=<number>
To scan a specific log directory for errors:
$ adopscanlog –scan_dir=<full path of directory to scan>
To see a complete list of supported parameters:
$ adopscanlog -help


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