5 Must have Unix books to enrich your brain and arsenal

Last updated on August 16th, 2016 at 05:27 pm

Here are 5 Must have Unix books to enrich your brain and arsenal

1) Sed & Awk

sed & awk describes two text processing programs that are mainstays of the UNIX programmer’s toolbox.sed is a “stream editor” for editing streams of text that might be too large to edit as a single file, or that might be generated on the fly as part of a larger data processing step. This book is the only material you would ever need on Sed and Awk.  Once you’ve mastered even the basics of Sed and Awk, you’ll be amazed with the amount of complex tasks you can perform very quickly and elegantly with awk and sed.  This is must have for system administrator/DBA

2)Unix Shell Programming (3rd Edition)

Good book for Unix shell Programming.  It gives the detailed instructions for effective Unix shell programming and how you can use to ease out your daily system administration task.

3)Learning the vi and Vim Editors

System Administrator/DBA or any other Unix users have to interact with vi editor for there task. This is a effective to learn vi editor and  You’ll be amazed with the capabilities of Vim editor by reading this book. This is good to have book in your library


4)SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide

This is a good book on SSH  and explain both theoretical and practical aspects of SSH.  We are in the age of security and everything  need to be communicated over secure shell so SSH is very important .Using SSH as an end-user is fairly straight forward . But, configuring SSH as an administrator is complex and involves a detailed understanding of SSH.  This is a must read for any system administrator.

5)bash Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for bash Users (Cookbooks (O’Reilly))

If you are  sysadmin, DBA or a developer, you have to write shell script at some point.   This is a very good for writing effective shell scripting. The key to mastering any Unix system, especially Linux and Mac OS X, is a thorough knowledge of shell scripting. This book enables you to perform it.This book gives great example of unix script with detailed explanation.

Hope you like the collection 5 Must have Unix books.


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