How to change password on Remote desktop (RDP)

Many times  we need to change password on the remote desktop. And you find that when you press Ctrl + Alt + Del while in RDP, this is still passed to the local computer from where you have setup the Remote desktop connection.  I have too encountered this issue recently and I did lot of research over it to find the various solution

Here are some solutions which works most of the time

  1. You can press Ctrl + Alt + End.  This way signal is not passed to the local system and it is transferred to the remote system. Then you can change password easily.

This  is quite easy solution and we can easily remember it


2) On the remote desktop start osk(OnScreen Keyboard)

Step to do it

Start > Run > osk

Onscreen  keyboard  for change password on Remote desktop

Now for changing the password on remote desktop
– Press Ctrl and Alt on the physical keyboard
– Click Del on the OnScreen Keyboard window.

Some important definition

  1. What is Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop Protocol, often referred to as simply Remote Desktop or RDP, provides a means of loging in and managing a server remotely. This involves communicating between the Terminal Server running on the server or remote machine and the Terminal Server Client running on your local computer.

2.  How to start RDP using shortcut?

Open start -> run -> mstsc


Win -R > mstsc

mstsc stands for Microsoft Terminal Services Client.

3) Some good shortcuts for RDP session

a) Ctrl + Alt + Break:  It toggle the RDP session between full screen mode and window mode. So you can use RDP session as per the convenience

b) ALT + Home : This displays the Remote desktop start-menu .It is same as pressing win on local system

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