Introduction to basic tags in HTML

I am discussing here the instroduction to basic tags in HTML

Tags Meaning
<html> and </html> <html> tags  tell the browser  that it is a html page. So it is basic steps of html and every other tags comes after that

<html>  beginning of the html

</html> end of the html

The beginning <html> and end </html> represent a container   and html tag is called container elements.  Any tags which has start and end  are called container elements

<br> It means break.It ask browser to move the text to another line


This is cool <br>

This is bad

<p>  and </p> p stands for paragraph. It ask browser to leave a empty line and start from new paragraph


<p>This is cool . This looks good</p>

<p>This is bad</p>

<hr> It stands for horizontal line
<head>  and </head> Head tags specify the information which are not shown on the web pages but are helpput for search engine like it contains the metatags

It has a beginning and end

<title> and </title> Title tag specify the web page name on the browser. The title is what shows in the top of your browser window when the page is loaded. This is a important item for search engine also
<body> and </body> Body portion of the html contains  the information which you want to show on the browser


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