RMAN Backup benefits over manual backup

Last updated on May 16th, 2019 at 05:16 am

1)RMAN Backup Saves storage space, because it only backs up blocks that have ever held data.
2)Eliminates performance overhead during backups, because it doesn’t place oracle tablespace in backup mode.
3) Helps maintain database integrity by detecting block corruption during backups.
4)Decreases backup time by allowing parallelized and incremental backups.
5)Maintains history of old backups and status of running backups.
6)Has built in reporting capabilities.
7)Allows transition to 10g Automatic Storage Management which requires RMAN. We can use RMAN with oracle ASM storage based databases
8) Decreases time for specific types of recoveries by allowing block and tablespace point in time options.
9) Provides GUI interface when used with OEM.

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