Middleware Home and WebLogic Server Home Directories

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All Oracle Fusion Middleware products (except for Oracle Web Tier) require the presence of an application server on your system. All Oracle Fusion Middleware products support Oracle WebLogic Server as the application server.

About Weblogic Server

Oracle WebLogic Server is a scalable, enterprise-ready Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) application server. The WebLogic Server infrastructure supports the deployment of many types of distributed applications and is an ideal foundation for building applications based on Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).


The top-level directory for all Oracle Fusion Middleware products is called the Middleware home

This directory serves as a container for the Oracle WebLogic Server home, Oracle Common home, and one or more product Oracle homes.

The Middleware home directory is created when Oracle WebLogic Server is installed. If you choose to use IBM WebSphere as your application server, then you must still manually create a Middleware home directory where your Oracle Fusion Middleware products will be installed.

The WebLogic Server home directory is inside the Middleware home and is created when Oracle WebLogic Server is installed. The below figure shows the directory structure after a typical Oracle WebLogic Server installation:


Some of the notable directories in the Middleware home are

WebLogic Server home (wlserver_10.3):  This is where the weblogic binaries are placed

JAVA_HOME:  which you can use for product installations (jdk160_21)

Oracle Coherence directory(coherence_3.6)  which is used by Oracle Service Bus for its business service result caching functionality

We have oracle_common directory also present if we do the application development runtime(ADR) installation also in the Middleware Home


We set following variable to identify the software binaries

$JAVA_HOME to Java Home directory: /oracle/Middleware/jdk
$MW_HOME to Middleware Home: /oracle/Middleware/
$WL_HOME to WebLogic Home: /oracle/Middleware/wlserver_10.3

The installation document for Weblogic installation can be found here

How to perform weblogic installation

Once weblogic installation is done, we need to create the domain to use,the below doc can be  used

How to create the weblogic domain

The domain are usually created under user_projects directory in the Middleware home

The basics about weblogic domain,server can be read on the below article

Oracle Weblogic Server


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