Practice Test for OCI IZ0-932

1. which two oracle cloud infrastructure database services allow you to dynamically scale CPU and storage?

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2. Which resource is tied to an Availability Domain?

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3. What is the default behavior of a Security List?

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4. Which two are required to create an IPSec VPN connection?

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5. Which resource is required when connecting to your on-prem network via IPsec or FastConnect?

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6. Which three types of credentials are used to manage oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

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7. Which are the two types of compute instances offered with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? 

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A Public Load Balancer has to load balance your incoming traffic across your backend servers residing in all three availability domains. All the back-end servers have similar processing capacity and the processing load for each incoming request does not vary much. Which load balancing policy is best for this scenario?


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9. The default port number for Autonomous Databases in OCI

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10. Which three components can you configure in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management ?

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11. Which option Lists Virtual Cloud Networks (VCNs) that can be peered?

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12. Maximum CPU cores that can be enabled on Autonomous Data Warehouse

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13. Maximum storage limit for Autonomous database in OCI

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14. Select the correct statement for Pre-authenticated request (PAR) in oracle cloud infrastructure object storage

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15. Which five are the required parameters to launch an Compute instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

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