why-database-not-startup-automatic in 11gR2 cluster

Last updated on December 21st, 2015 at 07:03 am

There is one important attribute in 11gR2 cluster  ie. AUTO_START
We can check it using following command
$ crsctl status resource ora.TEST.db -p
Restarts the resource when the server restarts regardless of the state of the
resource when the server stopped.
restore: Restores the resource to the same state that it was in when
the server stopped. Oracle Clusterware attempts to restart the resource if the
value of TARGET was ONLINE before the server stopped.
never: Oracle Clusterware never restarts the resource regardless of
the state of the resource when the server stopped.
So if AUTO_START is set to restore,it will restore to same state as when cluster was stopped
ie. if the DB was up,when we stop the cluster or reboot the server, database will come up automatically after reboot but if DB was down ,then it wont come Up.
You can modify this attribute to always also using these command
$ crsctl modify resource

Parse error:

Argument ‘resource’ is missing a value


crsctl modify resource -attr
“[,…]” [-f] [-delete] [-i]

: {= |




resName Modify named resource

attrName Attribute name

value Attribute value

server Server name

cid Resource cardinality ID

did Resource degree ID

-f Force option

-delete Delete named attribute

-i Fail if request cannot be processed immediately

$ crsctl modify
resource ora.TEST.db -attr AUTO_START=always



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