Changing the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration User Password in R12.2

Last updated on October 27th, 2016 at 03:34 pm

We may have a security requirement to change the weblogic password at regular interval of time.The below article explains the steps to perform the Change Oracle WebLogic Server Administration User Password in R12.2 when  the weblogic password is known

Oracle WebLogic Server Administration User Password

The EBS WebLogic Domain uses Node Manager to control the Administration Server and the managed servers. For the EBS WebLogic Domain, the Node Manager and Oracle WebLogic Server Administration User password must be same, otherwise the AD control scripts will not work properly.
Important: If you need to change the Administration User password,you must change the Node Manager password first. If you do not do this, the WebLogic Server configuration change will not be detected and the next online patching cycle may fail.

The instructions that follow should be performed on the run file system. The password change will be automatically propagated to the patch file system during the next adop prepare phase or fs_clone operation.

1. Shut down all application tier services except the Admin Server.

On the primary node, run the command:
$ <ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME>/ -skipNM -skipAdmin
On all secondary nodes, run the command:

2. Change the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration User password by performing the following steps on the run file system of the primary node.
Source the environment on the run file system.
Run the commands appropriate for your platform:
On UNIX, run the command:
$ perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ -action=updateAdminPassword

The above command is available only if TXK 7 is applied.

If that is not the case, the password need to changed from Console and few steps need to be performed

3. Start all services on all nodes, using the command:

Steps for Changing  the weblogic password pre TXK 7

1)  Access Administrative console
2) Login using the current weblogic admin username and  password.
3) Select the lock and edit button and click domain
4) Click on Security TAB and then click on advanced tab
5) Provide the new password which you want to configure for weblogic admin user   in the node manager password field
6) Click on “save” and Verify settings updated successfully and then click on “Activate changes”
7) Now click on “Security Realms” and Click on “myrealm”
8)select “users and groups” and select weblogic User and then provide the new password for the weblogic user
9) Make sure the settings has been updated successfully

After this we need to edit the configuration file “” for all managed and admin server  using text editor and update the password field with the above configured password ( new password)

a) take  backup of the below files


b) Update the password in password field

c) we need to restart the application services using and scripts.


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