CPU vs Core Vs Socket

Physical CPU

It is the physical Processor on the server.Each CPU is assigned to one socket


Each Physical CPU consist of single or Multiple Processing unit which are called Core of the Physical CPU. A Physical CPU could be dual core,quad core .It is the core which execute all the program  instructions. In multiple core processor,multiple programs can be executed in parallel providing better throughput.We see lots of these in market today


It is the physical connector on the motherboard in which physical CPU is fit in. Desktop computer usually have one Socket while server have multiple socket to accommodate multiple physical CPU


This concept was introduced by Intel to parallization of computation. This is intel properierty Simultaneous Multi threading implementation.Each core is presented a as two logical . Each logical processor work independently from the other logical processor sharing the same physical core and can process a thread

Here is the snapshot from the Laptop Computer

CPU vs Core Vs Socket

You can retrieve the CPU,Core,socket information from Windows operating systems

WMIC CPU Get /Format:List

Click on Run and type MSINFO32

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