How to delete the manage server in R12.2

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I was working on R12.2 Test env and I was suppose to decrease the JVM for the oacore(delete the manage server)

The procedure to increase or decrease JVM was quite simple in R12.1.X.  In Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, the oacore, oafm, forms and forms-c4ws services were deployed as applications on OC4J instances and were managed by Oracle Process Manager (OPMN).So we just need to increase the numprocs in opmn.xml  and start the services or run autoconfig with decrease numprocs in Context file

I came to know it is quite different in R12.2.X as  Oracle WebLogic Server has replaced OC4J in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2, these services are now deployed as applications on individual managed servers.

Only part of the configuration of these applications and managed servers is still managed via AutoConfig.Rest of things need to done quite different

I have already explained on how to add manage server in my previous post

How to add the manage server in R12.2

In the below,I would be explaining what I learned from that experience and How to delete the manage server in R12.2.  I will particularly taking the example of oacore

Steps on How to delete the manage server in R12.2

  1. Deletion of managed servers needs to be done on the run file system when there is no active ADOP cycle. During the next adop prepare, the Configuration Change Detector identifies that the addition has been made and the managed servers are automatically synced up from the run file system to the patch file system. The synchronization also gets done when fs_clone is executed.

2.If the managed server to be deleted is running, shut it down as follows:

On Unix:
For example, before deleting a managed server ‘oacore_server2’, execute the following command to shut it down.$ sh <ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME>/ stop oacore_server2
  1. Run the command below on the application tier node where the managed server resides. This will delete the managed server, and also update the respective context variables that contain references to the deleted managed server.


$ perl <AD_TOP>/patch/115/bin/ \
ebs-delete-managedserver \
-contextfile=<CONTEXT_FILE> -managedsrvname=<MANAGED_SERVER_NAME> \
-servicetype=<SERVICE_TYPE> -logfile=<LOGFILE>
For example, for deleting a managed server ‘oacore_server2’ of type ‘oacore’, execute the following command:$ perl <AD_TOP>/patch/115/bin/ \
ebs-delete-managedserver \
-contextfile=<CONTEXT_FILE> -managedsrvname=oacore_server2 \
-servicetype=oacore -logfile=<APPLRGF>/TXK/delMS_oacoreserver2.log

4.Perform the following steps on all application tier nodes participating in the same cluster as the deleted managed server:

a.Source the run file system.
b.If the deleted managed server is part of the cluster configuration defined on the current node, execute the following command to delete details of the managed server from the OHS configuration files mod_wl_ohs.conf and apps.conf on the current node:

$ perl <FND_TOP>/patch/115/bin/ \
-contextfile=<CONTEXT_FILE> \
-configoption=removeMS \
-oacore=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-oafm=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-forms=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-formsc4ws=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-ekanban=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-accessgate=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-yms=<host>.<domain>:<port>where¦The argument contextfile accepts the complete path to the context file.
¦The arguments oacore, oafm, forms, formsc4ws, ekanban, accessgate and yms accept a comma-separated list of managed server details in the following format:
<host>.<domain>:<port> ¦host, domain and port are the hostname, domain and port of the managed server whose reference is to be deleted.For example, to remove references of the deleted managed server oacore_server2 with port 9705 on host ‘myserver’ and domain ‘’, the following command should be executed:$ perl <FND_TOP>/patch/115/bin/ -contextfile=<CONTEXT_FILE> \


  1. If Oracle HTTP Server is enabled on the node, restart it as follows:


$ sh <ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME>/ start

As I told earliar ,the steps are very different from R12.1.X  in R12.2.X.  I hope the steps are clear How to delete the manage server in R12.2. Please do let me know if any questions regarding the procedure. I will be happy ro solve any issues on it. Weblogic inclusion in the techstack has complicated the stuff and we need to very careful with executing steps in R12.2

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