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Function in Oracle apps


  • Form Function: A function that invokes an Oracle Forms form
  • Sub Function: A non-form function is a securable subset of forms functionality, which means a function executed from within a form
  • One can navigate to a form function ( form) using the navigate window
  • A sub-function can only be run from a form
  • FND_FORM_FUNCTIONS is a table in the APPLSYS schema that stores information about function grouping in forms. Each row includes a function identifier, the function name, and the application identifier. Each row also includes the form identifier and the parameters for calling the form. You need one row for each function. Oracle Application Object Library uses this information to implement the subdivision of forms into different functional groups using the existing menu system. This view is only used for Oracle Applications in GUI mode.

Important Columns in the FND_FORM_FUNCTIONS  table
· FUNCTION_ID – Function identifier
· FUNCTION_NAME – Function name
· WEB_AGENT_NAME – Name of Oracle Web Agent. Defaults to the last agent used
· WEB_HTML_CALL – Contains the URL to activate this function. It may be either a static page or a procedure. If the value here is incorrect then users will not be able to launch those form functions from Self Service Web Applications.
-Custom Functions can be defined using the

Responsibility:- System Administrator
Navigation Path ->Application ->Functions

How to Create a Custom Form Menu Function in Oracle Applications

  1. Log into the Sysadmin responsibility.
  2. Navigate to Application -> Function.
  3. Enter a unique function name under the “Function” column.
  4. Enter a unique name under the “User Function Name” column.
  5. Enter the word FORM under the “Type” column.
  6. Enter a description under the “Description” column.
  7. Select the “Form” tab from the drop-down menu.
  8. Enter the form name using the list of values button on the toolbar or the “Edit” -> “List of Values” menu option to query up the customs form name.
  9. Save.
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