What is a PSU patch and How to verify the PSU update in the Oracle Home and database

Last updated on July 28th, 2019 at 08:42 am

What is a PSU patch for Oracle Home?Patch Set Updates (PSU) are the same cumulative patches that
include both the security fixes and priority fixes.  The key with PSUs is they
are minor version upgrades (e.g., to  Once a PSU is
applied, only PSUs can be applied in future quarters until the database is
upgraded to a new base version.

More details about PSU
The PSU   released for Oracle Database Server version , 11.1..0.7.0 and  respectively does not change the database version . That means PSU /,, / ( where x is the fifth digit ) does NOT change the 5th digit of the Oracle Database Server version.

opatch lsinventory” still shows the version as for Oracle 10g R2, for Oracle 11g R1  and / for Oracle 11g R2

PSU’s also will not change the version of oracle binaries (like sqlplus, exp/imp etc.)

 How to Verify if PSU is installed in the ORACLE_HOME

$ opatch lsinv -bugs_fixed | grep PSU

85733156 88334280 Tue Feb 09 16:54:18 MST 2012 DATABASE PSU (INCLUDES CPUJAPR2011)
8833280 883280 Tue Feb 09 16:54:18 MST 2011 DATABASE PSU (INCLUDES CPUOCT2010)

Verify the PSU Post Install steps were run in the DB
select substr(action_time,1,30) action_time,
substr(id,1,10) id,
substr(action,1,10) action,
substr(version,1,8) version,
substr(BUNDLE_SERIES,1,6) bundle,
substr(comments,1,20) comments
from registry$history;

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