5 Tests Your Dissertation Must Pass to Be Submitted Finally.

The dissertation is a serious and voluminous scientific work. The list of key requirements for it is very long. And even when you cope with all the questions in the content of the work, it is very easy to get lost in the formatting requirements. So, after you have written everything in your final paper, test it thoroughly. Check once again fit corresponds to all the academic peculiarities and your instructor’s demands. The following checklist will help you.

1.  “Clear Structure” Test

The structure of a perfect dissertation should be clear and logical. It consists of the following points:

  • A cover page. It should be designed and formatted according to the requirements of the style – APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.. The main points to include are your name, the title of your work, the name of the university. Sometimes, it also includes the name of the professor and the date of submission.
  • An abstract. In this part, you should talk about the work you have done briefly, state your thesis, mention goals and methods, and add a few words about your results.
  • An introduction. In this part of your work, you should pay attention to the research question. It should be relevant to the field of the study, clear and answerable. And your research goals should be clearly stated and they should be realizable.
  • Main chapters. The sequence of chapters should be logical and every new chapter should proceed from the previous one directly and continue to develop its main thoughts. The methods you are using in your research should correspond your goals and question and be applicable in the field of science you are working at.
  • This is the part when you need to gather all the graphics data you have used. By the way, make sure that you have made a complete description and explanation of every graph you apply to in the text.
  • You should use as many sources as you can but double-check that all of them are relevant to the topic you are covering.

2.  “Formatting Style” Test

Before the final dissertation submission, devote some time to visit this website. You can use any other sources recommended by your instructor. Use them to once more check the requirements of the academic style you need to use in your paper. It may happen that something has changed but you should keep updated in any case. Revise every comma you have used and check that your references and citations 100% fit the academic style you are required to follow.

3.  “Academic Writing Style” Test

Keep in mind that your language should be purely scientific. Your text should be free of colloquial phrases, jargon, curses, familiarity. At the same time, it should be interesting to read your work, even with all its scientific nature. Read your text loud several times. This will help you to find paragraphs that may lack scientific nature and fix these mistakes.

4.  “Plagiarism” Test

Of course, you are well aware that plagiarism is an academic crime. to avoid this, revise your paper and find out if you have formatted your citations properly and paraphrased the ideas of other scientists correctly . to become 100% sure that your paper is plagiarism-free, do not hesitate you use several detection programs that are now freely available on the web.

5.  “Spelling and Grammar” Test

When you have verified that all the requirements for your work are met, it is time to check the text for grammatical errors and typos. To do this, you need to leave your work for some time and do any other things. After a day or two, re-read the text again. It is the best idea to do it right in the morning while your head is not clogged with other thoughts, and the concentration of attention reaches its maximum.


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