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Oracle drm interview questions

Here are the Top Oracle DRM Interview questions

Question 1

What is Version?


  • Data Relationship Management organizes sets of related data into versions.
  • It is a collection of all hierarchies. Can be live, or a snapshot of metadata at a certain time.
  • Data within each version is categorized into hierarchies, nodes, and properties. All data-related operations require the selection of a version.

Question 2

Can we have multiple Versions?


We can have multiple versions

  • We can create a version to maintain the historical copy of hierarchies for the previous period
  • We can create a version to make a new data model or modify the existing one without impacting other users

Question 3

What is Oracle DRM?


  • DRM stands for Data Relationship Management. It is a component of the Enterprise performance management Application suite(EPM)
  • It Synchronizes hierarchies, cross-references, and enterprise dimensions across all applications

Question 4

What are action Scripts?


Bulk changes to hierarchy data are performed using Action Scripts.

Question 5

What is compare?


Compares is the process to identify the differences between the current version and the previous
Finalized version.

Question 6

What is Blender?


Using the Blender feature, newly imported or restructured data in different versions can be combined into the same version with other existing production data.

Question 7

What is Hierarchy?


  • A version can contain one or more hierarchies. A hierarchy can represent a business view, reporting structure, or a collection of related items.
  • It Group and organize data into nodes, relationships, and properties. Each hierarchy is assigned a top node and other nodes in the version can be added to the hierarchy by defining parent-child relationships between them.
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Question 8

What is Node?


  • The lowest level of details. Varies by dimension.
  • Master or reference data records used to describe, qualify, or summarize transactional data in a subscribing system are managed in Data Relationship Management as nodes

Question 9

What is Repository in Oracle DRM?


Storage location for metadata, formatting, and annotation information for views and queries. resources Objects or services managed by the system, such as roles, users, groups, files, and jobs.

Question 10

What is an Alternate hierarchy?


A hierarchy of shared members. An alternate hierarchy is based upon an existing hierarchy in a database outline but has alternate levels in the dimension.

An alternate hierarchy allows the same data to be seen from different points of view.

Question 11

How to do version backup?


Versions of data stored within a Data Relationship Management application may be archived
to a file system or migrated to another application using a backup and restore procedure.The backup file may later be restored to the same or a different application.

You need to create an external connection for the Version backup to file location

To back up the version to a file:

1 From Browse, select a version.
2 From Versions, select Backup to File.
3 From Connection, select a connection and enter a filename for the saved version file.
4 The version you selected should already be in the Selected list. To include more versions in the saved versions file, move versions from Available to Selected.
5 Click OK.

Question 12

How to do the version restore?


To restore versions from a file:

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1 Log in to the application.
2 From Browse, select Versions, and then select Restore from File.
3 From Connection, select a connection.
4 Enter the name of the file, and then click Open.
5 Select one or more versions to load into the application.
6 Click OK

Question 13

What is the Oracle DRM batch client?


The Batch Client utility (drm-batch-client.exe) is installed when you do the DRM installation, By Default, it is located at  

It is a command-line utility that allows access to various Data Relationship Management operations such as compare, blender, action scripts,version backup in batch mode

Question 14

How to Stop and Start DRM services


Login to server
Search for DRM configuration console then click on it
After that window will open in that we can see stop and start service options

Oracle drm interview questions

Question 15

What is External authentication in DRM?


Logging on to Oracle EPM System products with user information stored outside the application. The user account is maintained by the EPM System, but password administration and user authentication are performed by an external service, using a corporate directory such as Oracle Internet Directory (OID) or Microsoft Active Directory (MSAD).

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