Product TOP decoded Part 3

Last updated on November 23rd, 2015 at 09:31 am

Product TOP decoded Part 3

In continuation of series on Product top decode,  here is Part 3

The last two part are

R12 and R11i Product Top decoded Part 1

R12 and R11i Product Top decoded Part 2

The concurrent programs, other C language programs and shell scripts for each product are stored in its respective bin directory. Core Executables to Oracle Applications are the FND_TOP/bin and AD_TOP/bin directories.
FNDIMON: Internal Monitor (in FND_TOP/bin)
FNDLIBR: the concurrent manager (in FND_TOP/bin)
FNDSM: Service Manager start the concurrent manager (in FND_TOP/bin)
FNDCPASS: The utility to change password (in FND_TOP/bin)
FNDMDGEN: a message file generator (in FND_TOP/bin)
adadmin: the AD Administration utility (in AD_TOP/bin)
adpatch: the AutoPatch utility (in AD_TOP/bin)
GLPOS : General ledger Posting ($GL_TOP/bin)
If these files get deleted , we can always get it by adrelink utility force=y ranlib=y “FND FNDSM”$PRODUCT_TOP/include
The include directory contains header (.h) files.
These files may be required by the files contained in the lib directory for the relinking process.
Note :- Not All Products have an include directory.

The lib subdirectory contains files pertinent to the process of relinking Applications programs:
object files  :  (.o files), one for each C program to relink.
library file    :  (.a file) the compiled C code common to that product’s programs.

Object files
library file
The adpatch gets the new version of these files  and it used adlibin  and adlibout utility to rebuild the .a file.

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