What is Session Persistence,Web Entry Point and Server Load Balancer

Last updated on July 17th, 2015 at 06:05 pm

Session Persistence
Session Persistence is the act of keeping a specific user’s traffic going to the same server that was initially hit when the site was contacted for the first HTTP transaction. This is especially important for E-Business Suite as various modules bundled with the suite need to maintain session state.  Session persistence is sometimes referred to as “server stickiness.”

 Web Entry Point

Web Entry Point refers to the host name which is designated to be used by all users to access the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 system.  By default, the web entry point is set to the hostname of the application server where Oracle E-Business Suite is installed.  In the case where a load-balancer is used, the Web Entry Point becomes the load-balancer’s host name.

Server Load Balancer

Load balancing can be defined as the technology and associated processes that distribute a website’s traffic among several machines in a cluster using a network-based device called a server load balancer. Cluster architectures allow all members of a group of machines to run the same web application, appearing to the outside world as a single machine.

A server load balancer intercepts traffic destined for a site, and redirects it to various machines in the cluster according to the particular load-balancing method chosen.  This optimizes use of system resources, resulting in higher performance, availability and scalability.  Load balancers are recommended for mission-critical enterprise deployments of web-based applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite.

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