Oracle sql and plsql

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Oracle sql and plsql are the languages which are widely used for development activities.They are easy to learn and apply.It is being used in many applications worldwide. And lot more new is coming with this as coding  language. Here I would be listing out all the articles on Oracle sql and plsql

Oracle sql

Oracle sql decode processing
How to write sql queries
Oracle sql tutorial :Basic Sql statement
Oracle sql tutorial :Restricting the data set
Oracle sql: order by and distinct clause
Oracle SQL*Plus: Basics part 1
Good Question for Oracle Sql
Good Oracle sql examination questions with answer
How to create table in oracle
Complete resource on Oracle indexes
Aggregating Data Using Group Functions
Oracle Views
Joins, Set and Subqueries
Sequences in Oracle
Create User , System Privileges and Object Privileges
External Tables
Top Oracle 12c New Features for developers
How to turn on the SQL trace, 10046 event in Oracle database and trcsess, tkprof utility

Oracle PLSQL

Oracle PLSQL Block Structure and Oracle PLSQL Variable
Everything about Oracle PLSQL records
Most commonly asked 25 oracle plsql interview questions
Oracle PLSQL Tables
A great overview about Oracle cursors

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